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Main Novel

Shattered was started on June 20th 2010 and finished on May 13th 2011, and is the fifth of many of her fanfictions. This, alongside Chilled, are one of the very few prequel and sequel pairs, the others of which being Tigerstar's Redemption and Journey to Redemption.

When Silverstreak's father is killed and her Clan is crushed by the fierce cats living in the mountains, she is forced to flee with her two close friends. Silverstreak is determined to rebuild her lost Clan somewhere else, and she and her friends embark on a quest to a new home. At the same time, numerous other cats find fate pulling them in the same direction...what shape will their own paths take? Where do their destinies lie?

OneShot Novels
100 OneShot Book

The 100 OneShot Book was started on June 11th 2010, and was recently updated on May 9th 2016. The most recent chapter is 60 out of 100. It is currently on hiatus, which means there is little to no chance of it being finished.

100 OneShots of various themes selected by Prin Pardus, ranging from love to hate to happiness to sorrow to loss, and everything in between.
The Author
Prin Pardus
Prin Pardus is the author of all of the fanfictions this Wiki holds, including mostly all of the characters created. Prin was also a part of a roleplay titled TacoClan RP, which you can find here. It has been abandoned since March of 2014, as all of the roleplayers got too caught up in their daily lives to continue. Most of the other characters are from the RP itself.
Character Feature
Silverstar (AC).leader
Silverstar is a long and thick-furred, silver tabby she-cat with icy-blue eyes and a feathery tail. She is the leader of AshClan.

Introduced in Shattered, she is the kit of Fadedstar and Whitefrost, born in BirchClan. As time goes by, Frost and his band of rogues enters the forest where the current three Clans, ShellClan, MarshClan, and BirchClan live, and abide to live by their rules, slowly becoming FrozenClan. FrozenClan lived up in the mountains, where they were used to. Frozenstar's son, Northstar killed his father, and took over rule of FrozenClan with a tyrannical paw. He soon started a war with all the Clans for more territory, killing them all off one-by-one. BirchClan was the last to fall, and before the final battle, Fadedstar succumbed to his disease.

Silverstreak and her two friends, Ravenwing and Frostfeather, set out on a journey to rebuild their lost Clan in a different territory, hoping to start anew. They soon reach a new forest and immediately are met with another Clan: PeakClan. They aren't like a normal Clan, living lazily, not abiding to all rules. They soon come to terms with the new rogue cats living in their territory, and Silverstreak's Clan finally becomes AshClan.

Lion and his forces soon march up to where AshClan and PeakClan were staying, starting a war and killing and injuring many cats. His forces are soon driven out, but not at the cost of three of Silverstar's lives. Soon, everything returns to normal, as Silverstar welcomes a new cat into the Clan, who just so happens to be Shimmerpaw's long lost brother, Chill.