Author: Prin Pardus[1]
Cover Artist: DrakynWyrm[2]
Publish Date: June 28th, 2010
Identification: 6092778
Editions: e-Book
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Chapter-by-Chapter Notes

Shards come together to form a whole, cats come together to create a Clan, lives come together to form a story.
Followed by: Chilled

Shattered (title stylized as S H A T T E R E D) by Prin Pardus, is currently second longest Warrior Cats fanfic on - passed up by the story's sequel, Chilled. Based on a roleplay the author participated in, it tells the story of cats caught in a long-running war which has destroyed the lives of many others.



When Silverstreak's father is killed and her Clan is crushed by the fierce cats living in the mountains, she is forced to flee with her two close friends. Silverstreak is determined to rebuild her lost Clan somewhere else, and she and her friends embark on a quest to a new home. At the same time, numerous other cats find fate pulling them in the same direction...what shape with their own paths take? Where do their destinies lie?

Detailed Plot Summary

Many moons ago, a band of cats ruled a mountain range. They lived lawless lives and dominated their domain, until three Clans, BirchClan, ShellClan, and MarshClan arrived in a nearby forest and taught them the ways of the warrior code. This led to the mountain cats becoming FrozenClan, and the four Clans lived in peace for moons.
However, the peace did not last, as Frozenstar, the leader of FrozenClan, started a war in a mad quest to destroy the forest Clans. Eventually he died and was replaced by his son, Northstar, who succeeded where his father had failed, and annihilated the Clans.
The story tells the tale of Silverstreak, the daughter of BirchClan's last leader, Fadedstar. After BirchClan's fall, called by StarClan, Silverstreak sets out on a mission to rebuild BirchClan alongside her friends Frostfeather and Ravenwing. Together, they must find the survivors of the war, cats with the hearts of warriors, and bring them to a new home, where they must build a Clan. But unforeseen strife will alter their paths, and the hearts of every cat will be tested to the utmost, until they are forced to ask themselves: was BirchClan meant to survive?
Meanwhile, Silverstreak's nemesis Northstar is betrayed and exiled by his deputy Crowtalon, who turns FrozenClan into the barbaric TalonClan. Northstar sets out on his own journey and eventually finds himself in PeakClan, an arrogant Clan with no respect for the warrior code. Northstar at first seeks power, but soon comes into conflict over whether he truly is a wicked cat at the core.
Time is running out for the heroes, as TalonClan is hunting Silverstreak and Northstar, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.



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