Ravenwing is a soft,[9] short, and sleek-furred, black she-cat[1] with bright,[10] jade[11]-green eyes[2] the color of new shoots.[12]


In the Shattered series


Ravenwing, along with Frostfeather and Silverstreak, are the three surviving warriors in the lost BirchClan.
She shifts beside Silverstreak, uncomfortable due to the diminutive size of the fox den they're seeking refuge in. When prompted if she remembers what to do after fleeing from BirchClan, Ravenwing says that they were going to rebuild their Clan. She also tells Silverstreak that she and Frostfeather followed her due to their trust in her. Silverstreak smiles, and gently tells them to rest. Ravenwing settles beside her sister, Frostfeather.
Meanwhile, after Northstar hears from Poppyfur about the three missing BirchClan warriors being Silverstreak, Ravenwing, and Frostfeather, he grows alarmed. This is due to his knowledge of the undying loyalty that the three cats posses, and therefore, he wants to look for said cats.
After this, Silverstreak rouses Ravenwing and Frostfeather, who were both snoozing contently. Ravenwing asks Silverstreak if she thinks that they got everyone. Ravenwing is seen to look away when the cats stumble upon a heap of bodies. Frostfeather is furious that Northstar didn't bother to bury them, and Ravenwing presses against her sister comfortingly. Silverstreak orders Ravenwing to stand guard. After Silverstreak and Frostfeather's searches prove to be fruitless, Ravenwing declares that there is a fresh trail of blood. Silverstreak orders Frostfeather and Ravenwing to stay beside her as she investigates, so to prevent ambush.
The three cats discover Flameheart, who tells them that a FrozenClan tom helped him by giving him water. Ravenwing and Frostfeather approach Silverstreak. Flameheart recognizes Ravenwing as the former medicine cat apprentice who turned into a warrior, telling her that her talents wouldn't save him. Ravenwing is sorrowful at this, and wants to get poppy seeds from the den to give to him. After she fetches them, he eats them up, and she tells him that he'd be on his way soon.
Flameheart dies very quickly afterwards. Ravenwing and Frostfeather agree to a burial. She is the one who digs Flameheart's grave, with the help of Frostfeather.
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Art of Conversation

She is mentioned briefly when Death steps on a thorn, and Frostfeather tells him to let Ravenwing see to the wound.


  • Ravenwing's name was originally Jadeleaf.[13]





Foster daughter:

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  • Unnamed tom:[1] Status unknown




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