Oakstar is a brown cat with a paler underside.[5]


In the Shattered Series


Nettlefrost tells her story to Sootpaw, and talks about how she wanted to be the deputy. She says Oakstar, although unnamed, was sickly, and Robinflight was ready to take over.
Later on in her tale, Nettlefrost mentions Oakstar had died, and Robinflight became the leader.

In the 100 OneShot Book


As Nettlefrost thinks of her fierce ambition to become deputy of ThunderClan, she recalls Oakstar, describing him as old. She knows having Robinflight as a mentor will give her a chance, once Oakstar dies. The white she-cat remembers pushing Eaglepaw away, believing she'd become the next candidate for deputy. However, two moons ago, Oakstar's health began to improve, causing Nettlefrost to reconsider her belief.
Nettlefrost had set her ambitions aside, but when her leader's health declined again, she focused on being the best warrior. Nettlefrost ponders if Robinflight will pick a temporary deputy once Oakstar passes, thinking of Eagletalon.

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