"There's no point in keeping animosities when you're both going to die."
— Flameheart to Silverstreak in Shattered, chapter 2

Flameheart is a fiery, ginger tabby tom with golden eyes and a taut muzzle.[2]


In the Shattered series


Flameheart is a BirchClan warrior. Silverstreak finds him bloody and wounded, lying next to another cat. Flameheart expresses his surprise at her still being alive. Silvestreak scents FrozenClan and pinpoints it on the second cat lying next to Flameheart. She snarls at the other cat, but Flameheart stops her from going further, explaining how the other cat had helped him by getting him water from the creek. Confused, she spots the damp moss between the two cats. Flameheat explains that the FrozenClan warrior was stronger, which is why he brought him water. Silverstreak asks why he would do that, as they were supposed to be enemies. Flameheart reveals that a FrozenClan patrol had left him there. As such, the tom felt no need to fight since they were both going to die. He explains that the dehydration he experienced during the night prompted the tom to bring him the water. Silverstreak stares, and Flameheart rasps that it took a special sort of honor to do what the tom did, but the tom was dead by morning.
Later, Ravenwing and Frostfeather arrive, and Flameheart weakly greets the two she-cats and expresses his joy that BirchClan still lives. Ravenwing moves forward, ready to help him, but he stops her, telling her that she would not be able to save him despite her brief training to be a medicine cat apprentice. He pleads for her to let him go peacefully, and Ravenwing agrees to go get poppy seeds. Flameheart thanks her, and when Ravenwing reappears with four poppy seeds, Flameheart laps the seeds up and relaxes. The three she-cats touch their muzzles to him. At sunhigh, his breathing finally stops as he dies.
Silverstreak, Frostfeather, and Ravenwing decide to bury both Flameheart and the unnamed FrozenClan cat. Frostfeather and Ravenwing dig Flameheart's grave, while Silverstreak digs the FrozenClan cat's grave.
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  • Flameheart's name was originally Sunbyrn.[4]



  • Unnamed cats:[1] Status unknown


"Please accept Flameheart into StarClan with open paws; he was a noble warrior."
—Silverstreak after Flameheart's death and burial Shattered, chapter 2

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