"Because of your loyalty, I'm sure, or perhaps your strong spirit, and kind heart. You're a good cat, Blackmoon, loyal to your Clan."
Silverstreak to Blackmoon in Shattered, chapter 20

Blackmoon is a sleek, black tom with a white blaze on his chest, a small scar on the side of his face,[1] and bright[5] icy[6]-blue eyes.[1]


In the Shattered series


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In the 100 OneShot Book


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Just Say It

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  • He was named Blackmoon for his spirituality.[1]
  • His original name was Newmoon.[7]




"It doesn't matter, I'm...I'm a medicine cat. I won't be another Graywing, not after what I just said to Stonestar...this Clan must change! I'll only be continuing the corruption if I..."
—Blackmoon's thoughts about his Clan Shattered, chapter 27

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