Ashstir is a gray[3] tabby tom[1] with amber eyes and a pelt that looks like a cloud of disturbed ashes.[2]


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  • He has MarshClan blood through his grandmother,[4] and blood of another unnamed Clan through his grandfather.[2]
  • Ashstir's name was originally Ashheart.[5]
  • He was named Ash for his distinctive smell.[2]


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Mate: Cinderstream:[2] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Son(s): Chillpaw:[4] Deceased, reincarnated as Icekit
Daughter(s): Shimmerfrost:[4] Living (As of Chilled)
Mother: Unnamed she-cat:[2] Status unknown
Foster daughter(s): Reedrush:[2] Living (As of Chilled)
Aunt/Uncle(s): Unknown kits:[2] Status unknown
Grandmother(s): Unnamed she-cat:[2] Status unknown
Grandfather(s): Unnamed tom:[2] Status unknown

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